Contract Manufacturing Services

We design custom product labels with the assistance of our experienced label design team.

  • Creating your own brand of herbal products by partnering with a manufacturer or using a private label can be the most effective strategy for expanding your business.

    Because of ongoing innovation, the increasing potential of online shopping, and more people being open to trying new brands, private labeling, designing labels, and licensing are growing rapidly.

  • Label Designing - Most Important Step of Private Labelling

    When your product packaging catches the eye of potential customers and stands out from the rest, they're more likely to say "yes" to your products. Having the best label can boost your sales and ultimately grow your business.

How does Label Designing work?

  • 1. Market & Trend Analysis

    Once you select a product for private labeling, our design team will conduct market research on related products and brands. From thousands of designs, we narrow down to a few trendy and fitting labels that make a significant impact on the market in the long term.

  • Creativity & Layout Designing

    After studying the market and understanding your preferences, our design team utilizes their expertise to craft the most suitable design for your products. We incorporate various graphics, color schemes, and legible fonts to capture the attention of end consumers. Our designers present their ideas for you to choose your favorite.

  • Content Analysis for Label

    Once the layout and color scheme are finalized from your end, the project moves to our R&D and Licensing team. They offer detailed composition, dosage, and directions to include on the label. Additionally, they provide certificates approved by the government, ensuring compliance with regulations.

  • Apporval and Finalising

    Once our design team completes the process, they present you with the final design for review. If no changes are needed, we secure this unique design exclusively for you. As an Ayurvedic third-party manufacturer, we ensure that we do not offer the same design to other customers. Our approach is strictly customer-oriented, adhering to a principle of one customer, one design.

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Product Categories Available for Private Labelling

Ayurvedic Medicine

Our dedicated R&D team has conducted extensive research, resulting in the development of numerous Ayurvedic medicines tailored to address various health issues.

Ayurvedic & Nutraceutical Supplement

Following thorough research, our R&D team has formulated unique blends of powder and extract for each herb. We offer nearly 100 single herbal supplements available in tablet and capsule forms, enriched with extracts and active ingredients.

Herbal Cosmetics & Personal Care

We boast an extensive selection of Ayurvedic Skin & Hair Care Products crafted from authentic herbs. All of our products are free from chemicals and parabens, ensuring purity and safety. Our dedicated R&D team has developed a unique and effective formulation to ensure customer satisfaction.