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We offer different types of packaging as per customer’s needs

In India nowadays, we have access to all international packaging options, and we assist our customers in selecting the best packaging for their products to compete effectively with international market brands.

Types of Packaging We Offer for Private Labelling Ayurvedic third party manufacturing company

  • Mono Carton

    In mono carton, various card qualities and printing technologies are available, which we provide to our client as mono carton option

  • Containers Jars & Bottles

    Here we provide various Bottle Options like PET bottles, HDPE bottles, and Glass bottles. We even provide various CAP options, eg. Metallic, Flip Top, Child Lock, Screw Cap

  • Sachet

    Sachet packaging is crucial for appearance and convenience, being one of the trendiest options in the market. For powders, a formulation sachet is highly recommended, and we support clients with volume business by offering sachet packaging solutions.

  • Nitrogen Sealed Stand Up Pouch

    We provide Nitrogen Sealing Packaging, which helps the product to get better quality and shelf life.

Our Packaging is determined by four key criteria.

  • 1. Safety

    We prioritize high-quality packaging that is free from harmful chemicals, strange odors, or flavors that could affect the contents inside. With a steadfast commitment to safety measures for the past 18 years, we have earned a reputation as one of the most trusted Ayurvedic third-party manufacturing companies.

  • 2. Protection

    Our packaging solutions are designed to safeguard our herbal and Ayurvedic supplements from leakage, spillage, and damage during transport, handling, and storage. We guarantee that our packaging keeps our supplements intact throughout the logistics process, from the manufacturer to you and finally to your end users. It shields the product from humidity, light, heat, and other external factors, ensuring the integrity of the supplements is maintained.

  • 3. Visibility / Look

    Our packaging serves as a tool to enhance your branding. With unique and appropriate packaging, we boost product visibility among the myriad of options available in the market. It effectively communicates the story of your brand and showcases its value. Strong branding not only distinguishes your product but also increases the likelihood of successful sales.

  • 4. User Friendly Packaging and Sustainability

    We provide highly practical and user-friendly packaging solutions that are effortless to open, store, and carry, particularly while traveling. Our bottles are designed for reuse, offering added convenience and sustainability as customers can repurpose them for storing other items. This eco-friendly approach not only enhances customer experience but also positively influences their decision to purchase your products. Additionally, some brands opt for paper bags to contribute to environmental conservation, further elevating their brand value.

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Product Categories Available for Private Labelling

Ayurvedic Medicine

Our dedicated R&D team has conducted extensive research, resulting in the development of numerous Ayurvedic medicines tailored to address various health issues.

Ayurvedic & Nutraceutical Supplement

Following thorough research, our R&D team has formulated unique blends of powder and extract for each herb. We offer nearly 100 single herbal supplements available in tablet and capsule forms, enriched with extracts and active ingredients.

Herbal Cosmetics & Personal Care

We boast an extensive selection of Ayurvedic Skin & Hair Care Products crafted from authentic herbs. All of our products are free from chemicals and parabens, ensuring purity and safety. Our dedicated R&D team has developed a unique and effective formulation to ensure customer satisfaction.