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Leading Manufacturers of Private Label Herbal Products in India

Passionate about Ayurveda, the CEO’s initiated the company 18 years ago. Gradually, it has evolved into one of the prominent Ayurvedic product manufacturers in India. The company has introduced numerous private label Ayurvedic products for various health issues and has conducted clinical studies on many formulations.

Why Go for Private Labeling in Ayurveda?

  • Ayurveda Industry

    In the foreseeable future, the Ayurveda industry is anticipated to witness a growth rate of 15 – 20% over the next 15 years. With rising awareness about Ayurvedic practices in the current market, the business of private label Ayurvedic products, Ayurvedic medicine, and Ayurvedic supplements is experiencing rapid expansion.

  • Emerging Entrant in the Market

    Numerous new companies and online sellers are seizing the opportunity within the Ayurvedic industry. We provide some of the finest Private Label Herbal and Ayurvedic products in India, facilitating the launch of their own brand in the market. Given the significant expenses associated with marketing in this business, many new players are seeking to establish their own brand to promote and build substantial brand value for the future. We have a dedicated division that caters to all the needs of Private Label Customers.

  • Expertise in Services of White Label Ayurvedic Products/ Private Label Ayurvedic Products

    With our extensive experience, we have honed our expertise in Private Labeling and Contract Manufacturing. We have developed distinct product lines tailored to each category of customer, including Ayurvedic Doctors & Clinics, Ayurvedic Retailers and Distributors, Online Sellers, MLM & Direct Selling companies, Merchandisers Exporting Ayurvedic products, and International Importers of Ayurvedic & Herbal Products.

100% Natural

100% Certified Products

200+ Herbal Products

100% Customer Satisfaction

Develop Product Line as Per Customer’s Category

  • Ayurvedic Doctor & Ayurvedic Clinic

    Clinical Trial Ayurvedic Formulations & Customised Formulations as per Doctor’s requirement.

  • Ayurvedic Retailers - Distributors

    We have 200+ White Label Herbal Products. Get the Best Private Labelling Quote Here!

  • Online Sellers

    We've established a dedicated business line catering specifically to online sellers. This platform enables them to retail FMCG products on online marketplaces, offering a range of items such as Personal Care, Joint Care, Weight Management, and Nutritional Supplements.

  • Merchand Exporter of Herbal Products

    Our wide range of Ayurvedic Products, Powders, Single Herbal Supplements, and Personal Care products are the best-selling products for Merchant Exporters.

Why Choose us to get Private Label Ayurvedic Products?

  • State-of-Art Manufacturing Unit in India

  • Experienced R&D Team for Custome Formula Development

  • High-Quality & Value-for Money Products

  • Free sampling policy

How to Build Your Own Brand using Private Labelling Service of Leading Ayurvedic Product Manufacturers in India?

  • Product Choosing/ Market Analysis:

    From our extensive array of Private Label Ayurvedic Products, you have the opportunity to select the ideal item to establish your brand. We analyze current trends to anticipate tomorrow's market demands.

  • Packaging Selection:

    We have a wide range of packaging materials to choose from. It varies from pouches, mono cartons, vacuum-sealed sachets to pump bottles.

  • Customized Label Designing:

    With the help of our creative designing team, we assure you the best eye-catching & most-suitable product labels for your OWN BRAND

  • Certification:

    We register all Private Labelling Products according to Government’s Guidelines.

  • Packing & Shipping:

    After the product is packed, we the trusted Herbal Product Manufacturers in Mumbai deliver the product to your desired location

  • Promotional Materials:

    To help you sell your product, we provide promotional materials such as PPT, Video, Leaflet, etc.

"Launch Your Own Brand of Herbal, Ayurvedic Products"

Product Categories Available for Private Labelling

Ayurvedic Medicine

Our dedicated R&D team has conducted extensive research, resulting in the development of numerous Ayurvedic medicines tailored to address various health issues.

Ayurvedic & Nutraceutical Supplement

Following thorough research, our R&D team has formulated unique blends of powder and extract for each herb. We offer nearly 100 single herbal supplements available in tablet and capsule forms, enriched with extracts and active ingredients.

Herbal Cosmetics & Personal Care

We boast an extensive selection of Ayurvedic Skin & Hair Care Products crafted from authentic herbs. All of our products are free from chemicals and parabens, ensuring purity and safety. Our dedicated R&D team has developed a unique and effective formulation to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Formula + Your Brand Logo = Valuable Product

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